Bankruptcy - Personal Services

Ira Smith Trustee & Receiver Inc. offers a full range of insolvency services to individuals facing financial crisis. Whether you need help with proposals to your creditors to avoid bankruptcy, financial counselling or advice regarding bankruptcy options, our goal is to make sure that you understand the process, your choices, and what steps will get your life back on track.

Understand your options

We help you understand the options available to you in order to avoid bankruptcy

Move on with your life

Once you are back on the road to financial health, we continue to guide and advise you. Our services are designed to relieve the stress you face and bring you:

  • Relief from harassing calls from debt collectors;
  • Freedom by getting out from under garnishments;
  • The ability to live better than just hanging on one payday to the next;
  • Improved credit ratings; and
  • Improved health and well being.

Starting Over, Starting now you can live a debt free life.