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Ira Smith Trustee & Receiver Inc. is a trusted advisor to public and privately held corporations of all sizes across the GTA. With our no nonsense, common sense, can-do approach, we provide solutions for your financial problems. We will work with your legal and general financial advisors in areas of litigation, banking, securities, tax, mergers and acquisitions, pensions, employment and regulatory issues to bring about the best possible outcome. Integral to our corporate services are business review and monitoring.

What is a business review?

A business review assesses the totality of a business operation in order to provide an accurate picture of the corporation as it currently exists and to determine its viability for the long term. The business review may include an assessment of but not limited to:

  • Current financial situation
  • Business processes
  • Operations
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business plan
  • Business viability
  • Long range prospects

What are the benefits of a business review?

A business review provides an independent assessment of the corporation. Based on the findings and specific recommendations a plan can be made to ensure that the business operates as efficiently as possible and remains a viable entity. The business review can also be the basis for corporate restructuring or the implementation of other necessary financial changes.

What are monitoring services?

After a plan is in place and changes have been implemented, monitoring services ensure that the recommended changes have been implemented and the plan is being carried out. In many situations, retaining a trustee to first perform a business review and provide monitoring services may be the only way to convince your lender to provide the company with the necessary time to implement its restructuring in order to continue in business.

Your financial solutions are a phone call away. The team at Ira Smith Trustee & Receiver Inc. is available to help seven days a week. Contact us today to find out how our review and monitoring services can benefit your company and get you Starting Over, Starting now.

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